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Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from March 2016

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It’s been another great month, and we’re excited that it’s finally spring! We’re also excited to share some of our favorite customer quotes from March:

“Bamboo has been great for our company, easy to implement and use! I’ve definitely sent my fair share of questions to your support team, and they’ve been very helpful and answered all my questions. Thank you for everything and we look forward to many more years working with Bamboo!”

“Your ATS is so much better than what I’m using right now! It does everything I need it to and more! I’m excited about this!”

“We launched the ATS today and had 3 hits with the spiced-up job ads in 2 hours! Everyone is so impressed about what Bamboo can do. My husband loved my demo–he wants the ATS in his company too!”

“The whole experience is just amazing. I can truly feel your cultural behavior throughout even though I am your customer.”

“First, I just want to say–I love BambooHR, and you guys (everyone I’ve encountered) are great! I’m so excited to iron out all these details and understand all the ins and outs of the system. I can’t wait to roll this out to my employees. They are going to love it. So, thank you!!! And thank you for your patience with all my questions.”

“BambooHR is already becoming extremely effective within the company, and we just went live today! So far, I LOVE it!!!”

“We have never had such a simple, easy, smooth implementation before and part of it was how great BambooHR is, but most importantly it was because of how amazing [our implementation representative] was…BambooHR is life changing for us in the HR department—we are leaving a really archaic and non-user-friendly system behind and this is so refreshing and helpful.”

“I like the simple approach [and] the ability to really configure the system to be very usable. I don’t dread going to BambooHR, I enjoy it. :)”

“My [implementation representative] was one of the best implementation managers I have ever worked with…I have worked with many implementation experts over the years, and she is by far one of the best I have worked with.”

“Have already used the esignatures to onboard an employee, and it saved lots of hassle—especially because he is a remote employee.”

“I remember joining with you guys…back when BambooHR was starting. It is so amazing to see how much you have grown and have added to the system to make my life easier. It’s also great to see that you guys haven’t lost your kindness and amazing support like most companies that grow do. I love calling in and knowing I am going to get taken care of by someone who is friendly and won’t treat me like I am out of the loop! Thanks, BambooHR!”

And as if those customer quotes weren’t enough to make March incredible, we also received another award:

· Best Applicant Tracking System of 2016-PC Magazine

It’s been a great March, and we’re excited for the warm weather and nice comments to come in April. We hope you have a great April, too.

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