December Goodness

HR software that gets better with time?  You’d better believe it!  The team at BambooHR is always working hard to make life easier for our customers.  Here’s a little update on what we did in December.

Employee Self-Service

You can grant permission to employees to change basic information like an address or phone number. Changes can take place immediately or they can go through an approval process. You decide what can be edited by employees. Woohoo!

 Email Alerts

We’ve made some delightful changes to email alerts. Alerts can now be created for custom table dates. Along with the date, you can select which fields from the table to include in the alert to give it more context for the recipient. Note: the information in these alerts gets sent out regardless of permissions, so take care in who you set up as a recipient.

Another sweet addition to the custom date alerts is the ability to add your own text to the email that is sent out. This is a great place to give instructions when someone receives the alert.

 Cascading Permissions

Permissions has been expanded to allow you to create custom groups that can see information for direct reports and indirect reports.

 Question: Where do I approve time off requests?

The navigation at the top of the page has been updated to include a link called “Requests”. This is where you’ll find requests related to both time off and information change requests that need your approval.