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    Easier is the Opposite of Harder

    Today I had a very pleasant phone conversation with a representative at American Express Merchant Services.

    Me: Hi, I need to update the business name on our merchant account.

    AMEX: Is anything other than the name changing about the business?

    Me: Nope.

    AMEX: Great!  I can take care of that for you over the phone.

    [Here’s where I tell her what the new name is…you’ll hear more about the name later.  I’m not spilling the beans!]

    AMEX: Okay, that’s it.  Is there anything else I can do for you?

    Me: Seriously?  That’s it? That was easy.

    AMEX: We try not to make things harder than they need to be.

    It’s important to note that I made a similar phone call to another company.  The representative at that company was nice enough, but explained I needed to fill out a two page form with all the correct information, have the “Assignor” sign in two different places, attach a voided check, and fax it in.  It would two 2-3 days to process these changes and, as if that wasn’t enough pain, I was also going to be charged a $15.00 processing fee.

    Which experience would you rather have?  Which experience are your customers having when they work with your company?

    We try hard to provide an AMEX-like experience for our customers.  The philosophy of not making things harder than they need to be is baked into our human resources software.  It’s part of who we are as a company.  Now, we’re not perfect.  But this is constantly in front of us…something we try to live by every day.



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