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Worth a thousand words—Employee photos are here!

April 22, 2009

Now you can put a face with a name…employee photos are here!

On the Personal tab for each employee, there is a placeholder for an employee photo.
place holder for employee photo

Click on the “Upload a photo” link and then click “Browse…” to locate the photo you want to upload.  Then click “Upload”.  It will take a few seconds, depending on the file size of the photo.

After a few seconds, your selected photo appears and you’re ready to crop the  photo.  Drag the side of the cropping box and/or move the cropping box so it looks just right.  We’ve even added a nice preview to the right so you’ll see exactly how the photo will appear.
uploaded and ready to crop

Once it looks the way you want, click “Save”.

Ta-da! Nice looking employee photo on the Personal tab.
new employee photo





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