Efficient HR: How Employee Self-Service Saves Time

There are few things people dislike as much as busywork. When my daughter comes home from school with homework I know she’s done so many times it makes her head spin, my head starts spinning. Why would teachers do that to our kids? Likewise, why would we keep doing HR busywork if we don’t have to? Enter employee self-service. BambooHR saves you time by allowing employees to check and update certain things for themselves.

Sometimes you feel the need to guard HR data with your life. But no need to worry, you’ll only be letting employees see things they already know—like their own personal information, such as address and emergency contacts—or things that pertain specifically to them, like their own time-off accruals. They’ll see just enough information. No more, no less.

The beauty part is that while some of the employee self-service options will save HR a lot of time, your employees will also benefit by being more efficient as they can simply check things for themselves, then get right back to their own work.

BambooHR offers the following employee self-service options you can allow your employees to access, which can be offered little by little or all at once:

Allowing employees to check things or update their own information themselves frees much of your time from busywork, so you can focus your efforts where you can make the biggest difference—finding and keeping great employees, building tomorrow’s leaders and creating a cool company culture.

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