Experiencing the BambooHR Way

We set people free to do great work. That is a bold mission statement. It’s also why I am so excited to join BambooHR as the new head of marketing.

When I first explored joining BambooHR, I was deeply curious about this mission and what it means to the team and their customers. It became crystal clear to me that at BambooHR, this is more than just a statement on a strategic plan—it’s a rallying cry and a foundational principle that they live and breathe daily.

To live this principle every day, the BambooHR team keeps its customers front and center. We’re constantly striving to provide an exceptional, delightful experience with our product, our people, and our brand in every interaction, from the first impression and beyond. We call this the “BambooHR Way.”

BambooHR understands that people choose HR careers because they want to work with employees, create empowering cultures, and help businesses succeed—not spend their days in software processes. At BambooHR, we have set out to build a product experience to allow you to do just that, and as everybody knows, the experience is where the magic happens.

Our team is laser-focused on creating a product that enables HR professionals to focus on their people and culture instead of processes and that allows employees to engage and help themselves in a super-easy way. On my first day at BambooHR, someone sent me this quote from a customer, and I just love it!

Shout out to BambooHR for both a tremendous product and an even more impressive team! If you’re looking for an HRIS or (in real-world terms) just overwhelmed by HR duties and drudgery, I can’t speak highly enough about BambooHR. In less than six months, they’ve revolutionized our hiring, benefits management, PTO tracking, onboarding and offboarding, performance management, compliance, and a bunch of other stuff that’s too dull to mention, but way too necessary to overlook. The product is incredibly easy to use and flexible to match your needs. Nope, this isn’t a paid or compensated message. Just giving thanks where it’s due. Keep up the good work, BambooHR!

In addition to the product, BambooHR offers the complete experience. This isn’t only about the amazing culture that BambooHR has created for our employees. It’s about what that culture and focus on customer success can do for our customers, and it’s about the experience we offer: easy adoption, seamless implementation, and support where and when you need it. We live the BambooHR way. We focus on creating great experiences. It is incredibly validating to see that our customers love what BambooHR does for them in return.

It makes my life so much easier. From start to finish, this has been a great experience. To your support team: You are a superhero! Long Live BambooHR!

Not only do people still tell me regularly that they love BambooHR, but I have become the Bamboo Lady and have a bamboo plant in my office that was a gift from my colleagues. Truly BambooHR makes life easier. Thanks, BambooHR!

As I jump into the BambooHR experience, I invite you to do the same. Our content library has great resources, including webinars, ebooks, and infographics, to help HR professionals succeed, and HR Virtual Summit—the largest virtual HR conference in the world—is an outstanding source of inspiration and learning for the HR community.

I invite you to share your experience with BambooHR with me directly. I am eager to learn more about how we can continue to create the types of experiences and resources you have come to expect from us.

This is a challenging time for many businesses. At BambooHR, we are committed to supporting—and loving—our customers through this time and beyond. I look forward to working with the BambooHR team to create meaningful connections as we move forward. With our customers, the possibilities are endless. Let us set you free to do great work.