Expert Best Practices from the Career Growth Track at HR Virtual Summit

HR Virtual Summit was two days filled with incredible insights and advice from speakers around the globe. In the Career Growth track, registrants were treated to guidance on personal development, tips for speaking more effectively, and recommendations for career growth.

Check out some of the learnings from the HRVS Career Growth sessions:

Effective leaders use verbal and non-verbal communication skills

In her session, Walk That Walk and Talk That Talk: What the Most Confident Leaders Say and Do, Bridgett McGowen, an award-winning international professional speaker, shared four critical pillars of communication that effective leaders know how to use. These pillars help leaders do as Bridgett’s session’s title—walk the walk and talk the talk.

“How you sound sends a message to people,” and she explained the effect of tone. “When your pitch is too high, you can sound nervous. If your voice is too low, you might sound bored or disinterested.”

To hear the other two pillars of effective communication and learn more from Bridgett about what confident leaders do, watch for updates from BambooHR about HR Virtual Summit. Bridgett’s session will be available to watch soon!

2023 is the year to work on your career goals.

Keri Ohlrich, CEO of the Abbracci Group, shared her insights in her session, Focusing on Your HR Brand: Top 10 Development Ideas for 2023. As an outcome-focused business executive with over 20 years in HR, Keri’s advice for attendees was clear and helpful.

Here are a few of her tips on career growth and development ideas for 2023:

Start your 2023 career goal journey with the basic practice of getting to know yourself. Take assessments, quizzes, and do some thoughtwork to truly find out what motivates you and what doesn’t motivate you.

Hear the rest of Keri’s development ideas for 2023 when her session is available to watch. Keri’s session will be live soon!

Keep an eye out for more learnings from the other tracks at HR Virtual Summit. You’ll find best practices and so much more for each of the session tracks: Benefits and Compensation, Culture and Values, Wellbeing, Employee Experience, and HR Newcomers.

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