Feature Highlight: Company Announcements Mobile View

Did you know the company announcements you send in BambooHR are now viewable in the BambooHR Mobile app? Yep. Here’s a screenshot:

This is something we’ve been working on for some time, and it’s all because we believe that communication is at the heart of strong company culture.

If you’re not using this feature yet or you’re not familiar with it at all, no need to feel left out. Here are some of the reasons we think it’s especially useful, both from our own experiences and from listening to customers who have been using this new feature since its release in February:

Announcements Don’t Get Lost

One of the biggest concerns HR has about important announcements is that some people—whether because of email glitches, selective hearing, or multi-tasking—just never seem to get the message. We built announcements into BambooHR a long time ago as a better way to ensure that every announcement found its way to every employee, but it still depended on people logging in and checking their inboxes. Making announcements viewable in the BambooHR® Mobile app takes it one step further and puts every announcement in the hand of every employee who’s downloaded the app.

"One of the biggest concerns HR has about important announcements is that some people just never seem to get the message."

Content Remains Reviewable After the Announcement

Being able to look back at previous announcements is a big plus, whether you’re an employee wondering what was said last week about the new work-from-home policy or you’re a new hire wondering why everyone is talking so excitedly about the May Meeting. It’s also useful for administrators as a way to remain consistent with messaging and avoid sending redundant announcements over and over again (see what we did there?). With the mobile view feature, past announcements are stored and available for review at any time.

"With the recent arrival of COVID-19 and the flurry of policy changes that came in its wake, mobile viewing has come in handy."

Announcements Reach Employees Wherever They’re Working

When you work in an office environment, it’s surprisingly easy to forget that not all of your coworkers are in front of a computer all day, every day. With the mobile announcement view feature, company announcements reach every employee who has the app. That’s great reassurance for HR and administrators who need to communicate with employees who may be on break, working remotely, in warehouses, on job sites, or out on service calls.

Push Notifications Get Noticed

When you’re sending out a critical piece of information, you don’t want to be left wondering how long it will be before employees are aware of it. Push notifications go straight to your employees’ device screens, so you can communicate quickly whether there’s a big emergency or a small update. It’s not guaranteed that everyone will see your announcement right when you send it, but it’s more effective than an inbox going from 125 Unread Messages to 126.

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How We Use This Feature at BambooHR

We had no idea how relevant this latest feature would become when we started working on it, but with the recent arrival of COVID-19 and the flurry of policy changes that came in its wake, mobile viewing has come in handy. With state and local regs and recommendations changing almost daily, rapid communication has become essential. The mobile view feature has made it easy to send announcements straight from HR to the pockets of every Bambooligan without depending on email to do the heavy lifting.

If you’re a BambooHR customer, that’s great! We hope this new feature will make it easier for you to keep your people informed on the go. If you are thinking about BambooHR for your organization, that’s great, too! We’d love to set you up with a free trial of the software so you can experience this feature in person along with everything else BambooHR has to offer.