February Product Update

When you love your work, is it really work? We don’t think so, and we love getting up every day to “work” on making the best HR software in the universe. Check out some of the fun new additions:

New Alerts

You can add alerts to notify anyone when an employee submits a time off request! Plus, you can create alerts that are sent when the request is approved or declined. Now, you can alert payroll, someone in HR, or the CEO. Everyone can be on the same page. To configure these new alerts, go to Tools > Email Alerts > Add a New Alert.

Time Off Workflow

Speaking of time off requests, we’ve enabled a Time Off workflow so you can choose who receives the requests. The approver can be the Account Owner, any Administrator user, or the employee’s direct supervisor.

Track Who Approves Time Off

Who approved that?! Who approves the time off request and the date they approved it is now displayed in the employee’s time off history.

TheResumator: Seamless Integration – Ooo La La

The great folks at Jazz used our API to create a seamless integration between their applicant tracking software and BambooHR. Rather than exporting, downloading, and uploading a file, you simply click Export on the candidate you want to hire and select the BambooHR option. The basic data is automatically zipped over to BambooHR where you can enter additional employee information. Slick, eh?

Simplepay.ca (Canadian Payroll)

For our Canadian customers, we’ve just announced seamless payroll integration with Simplepay.ca. The team at Simplepay.ca has created a painless online payroll service. And now it works hand-in-hand with BambooHR so your data is only entered into the employee database once, and it shows up in both systems. Let us know if you’re interested!

Referrals are the Best Compliments

We appreciate all the wonderful feedback and kind words you send us! And for those of you that told your friends to check us out – YOU ROCK! Please keep the flood of referrals coming our way. If you know anyone that is still in spreadsheets and needs to feel the BambooHR love, drop us a line and we’ll reach out to them.

Happy leap year,

The BambooHR Team