What’s New in BambooHR: Geolocation

BambooHR® Time Tracking now has geolocation on the mobile app! Tracking employee hours by job site can get complicated fast. Instead, set employees free with a time clock in their back pocket. When employees use the BambooHR® Mobile app, the new geolocation feature records the location of each clock in and clock out, making it that much easier to keep accurate work records.

Mobility Is Just the First Step

Tracking time on the go is a must for a mobile workforce. When employees’ phones double as time clock and timesheet, it saves them, their managers, and HR time and effort because employees record their hours instantaneously, making for a much more accurate payroll.

But sometimes, knowing where employees clock in and out is a matter of safety, efficiency, and accountability. You may have employees clocking in at various job locations or even in the office. Either way, you need to see where work is being done.

Geolocation Gives Everyone More Visibility and Accountability

Adding geolocation to Time Tracking in the BambooHR Mobile app helps make your workforce that much more transparent across the board. Employees don’t even have to take extra steps to report their location, and managers and HR administrators see where employees work on any given day.

Easy for Employees

When you have Time Tracking enabled, you have the option to turn on geolocation, and the BambooHR Mobile app automatically records an employee’s location when they clock in and out. It doesn’t take them any more time or effort to report this additional piece of data.

And geolocation works with Project Tracking, too. When employees clock in, they choose a project or task to log their hours, and geolocation records the location they clocked in from (or out of).

Spend less time tracking time with BambooHR.

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Easy for Managers and HR Admins

Managers and HR admins see where employees work by checking the clock in and out locations recorded on the employees’ timesheets. You can see how many hours employees worked (total hours for the day), what was being worked on (with Project Tracking), and where those hours were worked.

With this additional information, you can feel more confident allowing employees to use their phones as their time clock, and you get more precise data for any client billing and payroll.

See the New Geolocation Feature in Action

We’re always hard at work to make BambooHR® even more helpful to support you in all the great work you do. Check out this short demo video to see how geolocation works up close.

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