Do You Really Want the Truth About your Company?

We’re a society that trusts our peers. We love to check out user reviews of products before we buy and service reviews before we hire. And most of us look to Glassdoor for reviews of companies before we take a job—or even apply for one.

But Glassdoor isn’t just helpful for applicants. There’s a lot of really useful information on Glassdoor that can help companies learn what’s really going on so you can work on making it better!

While it’s nice to see some 5-star reviews and read what people like about your company, the most meaty parts are the Cons and Advice to Management sections. I mean, could it be spelled out any easier for you to find out what employees really think?

Of course, we all like hearing the things we’re doing right. So it’s fitting that the pros are the first thing visitors will read about when checking out reviews. You’ll learn what really matters to your people and the things they find remarkable enough to mention.

I mean, really, the web site is asking insiders to spill it. They want to give visitors the truth about what it’s like to work at the company. And because responses are anonymous, people don’t hold back. If they’ve had a bad experience, they tell it like it is. If they love working there, they’ll search for something because, well, it asks for a con—even if it’s something as simple as not enough refrigerator space in the breakroom.

Advice to Management
Now, all reviewers don’t have to fill this in, but you should hope they do. It’s like getting a note directly from each employee on ways you could make working there even better. When patterns arise, it’s easy to see where you need to focus your efforts.

We already know how important feedback is to employees for growth. Of course, growth is important to companies as well. Here’s a chance to get some good, honest feedback. What you do with the information is in your court!