Growing? Our New Headcount Report Can Track It

In the last couple weeks, the crust of gray snow that was trying to become a permanent fixture outside my house finally began melting. In its place, the sun has been peeking hopefully through my windows, trying to lure me outside where my garden has been sitting dormant all winter.

I love gardening. There’s something about watering and planting a seed, then waiting patiently. It’s rewarding to care for and nurture something and hope it fulfills its destiny. Of course, there’s a lot of working, weeding and watering along the way. Whether it’s a flower, tomato plant or business, it feels good to see something grow.

How to Find the Right HR Tools for Your Growing Business

Find the Right HR Tools

That’s why we’re excited to give BambooHR users a sneak peek to the new HR report we’ll be rolling out soon. Several of our wonderful customers have suggested we create a Headcount report (thanks to those of you who planted the seed). And after a little working the soil on our side, the Headcount report is nearly ready.

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of the new headcount report that you will soon find in the Standard Reports library. You can choose a date, and the report will show how many employees you had then (and list who they were). In addition, it will also create a month-by-month visual so you can see growth trends.

Here’s an example of what’s in store:

It’s takes a lot of work—and patience—to grow a company. Like our co-founder Ben Peterson likes to quote, “Overnight success takes about 10 years.”

My favorite part of gardening is looking around and seeing the role I had in making that piece of earth beautiful. Of course, there’s always work still to be done. But it’s fun to stop once in a while and see just how far you’ve come, then grab that trowel and get back to work!