What Kind of Holiday Employee Are You?

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to temper all the end-of-year chaos with a bit of fun in the form of a holiday quiz.

But before taking the quiz to determine what kind of holiday employee you are, let’s establish some ground rules:

Rule #1 – All Results Are Binding

For the rest of your life, if anybody asks you this question, you are bound to answer with the results from this quiz. Of course, you can take it multiple times if you’d like. . . . But once you’re done—then the results are binding.

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Rule #2 – No Lying

Look, we can’t all be Santa Claus, so don’t worry if you’re not. For best results, just be honest and straightforward. Not only will dishonesty get you on the naughty list, but you’ll know it’s not accurate and, frankly, so will your friends and family.

Rule #3 – Share It

Speaking of friends and family, make sure to pass this holiday quiz along to anybody you think will appreciate it—especially the Grinches in your life. To paraphrase a great elf I once knew—or saw on TV—the best way to spread Christmas cheer is sharing holiday quizzes for all to take. That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but you get the point.

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Take the Quiz

OK, it’s time. Put on your favorite slippers, grab some eggnog, curl up next to the fire, and find out what kind of holiday employee you are.