4 Ways BambooHR Helps You Crack Offboarding

Whether an employee has decided to leave your organization or you’re letting people go, offboarding triggers a long to-do list for HR. So long, it can feel like a mission: impossible. There’s announcing the departure, collecting company equipment, finding, hiring, and training the replacement, conducting the exit interview, and more.

Depending on the size of your organization, HR might have to do it all. But just like every super-spy has gadgets up their sleeves, you have offboarding in BambooHR. Here are our top four solutions to help you crack the code to a smooth offboarding process, save time, and create a better experience for your departing employees.

Code Cracking Solution #1: Sending Important Documents

Departing employees have a lot on their minds—arranging a move to a different city or state, looking forward to their next job, or maybe trying to find another job, among other things. Signing HR documents isn’t going to be at the top of their list.

Setting up offboarding in BambooHR helps you take care of important documents without having to resend them over and over again, and it’ll help answer some of the questions employees have surrounding their departure.

For example, offboarding in BambooHR allows you to:

Read this blog post for exit formalities you should include, exit interview tips, and more.

Get Organized

All you have to do is create a task for the necessary documents in your offboarding checklist, and the employee will automatically get a task assignment alert.

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Code Cracking Solution #2: Setting Up Timely, Effective Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are mission critical—employees feel heard, which makes it more likely that they’ll have a positive exit experience, and employers get insight into what is and isn’t working in the organization.

But it’s tricky to get exit interviews right, so incorporating them in your offboarding checklist helps you:

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Code Cracking Solution #3: Tightening Your Security

Whether you’re a one-person team or your offboarding process relies on several different teams, assigning tasks ahead of time will help close any potential security gaps.

The offboarding checklist will help you remember to:

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Code Cracking Solution #4: Making the Final Paycheck Painless

On an employee’s last day, coworkers often participate in small rituals of parting—signing the farewell card, eating a slice of “We’ll Miss You!” cake, and inheriting desk plants. For the employee, there’s saying goodbye to friends, checking off the last few things on their to-do list, and turning in their badge or equipment. But the most important last item on their list is collecting their last paycheck.

This isn’t something that’s immediately visible to employees, but they’ll definitely notice if it’s not done properly. Adding this task in your offboarding checklist helps keep your payroll running smoothly and employees get their last paycheck without having added stress or annoyance.

And here’s a bonus: if you run payroll with BambooHR, it’s as easy as adding a Final Pay Date when you terminate the employee.

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Operation Fonder Farewell Is a Go!

A good last impression is a lasting impression, but so is a bad one. According to Gallup, less than half of employees are satisfied with how their organization handled their exit process—and that sour note can have lasting repercussions on your employer brand and workplace culture:

Create better goodbyes with offboarding in BambooHR.

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