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    HR by the Numbers

    [Editor’s Note: Since Bryson started at BambooHR over two years ago, he’s wanted to write an Onion-type blog post. Today, as our readers are presumably drinking cider while dressed in their best Halloween costumes, we’ve finally decided to give him what he wants. Please keep in mind this article is intended to be a joke and should not be taken seriously. Enjoy.]


    HR professionals keep a lot of information in their heads, such as benefits, policies, names, and last but not least, numbers. HR keeps track of lots and lots of numbers. Today, we’re drawing attention to a few of the more interesting numbers in HR.


    Number of times Eric has asked you what “deductible” means since last Friday


    Number of people in the U.S. who think of Barry Bonds when they hear the phrase, “HR Administrator”


    Budget your executive team will give you for your company fish fry party if you don’t just buck up and ask them!


    Cups of coffee before you can even


    How many times you’ve explained to the warehouse employees that OSHA won’t take kindly to their forklift jousting matches


    How often people should actually report somebody to HR when they laughingly say they’re going to report somebody to HR


    Times during onboarding that Samantha has told people she needs to take next week off because she booked a vacation before she was hired


    What Carl wrote down as the amount he wants taken out of his paycheck for his HSA account


    Apparently Carl’s Social Security number


    Times you should hear about inappropriate behavior from a manager before doing something about it


    How often you regret accepting friend requests from work colleagues on Facebook


    Number of points Seth from Sales claims to have scored at last week’s company basketball game


    Number of points Seth actually scored


    How many times you’ve had to explain that no, really, it’s confidential and you can’t say anything about it


    Cans of soda (approximately) that little red-haired boy drank at the company picnic


    Years you’ve shaved off of your life while planning the company fish fry party (that you still haven’t asked permission to throw, by the way!)

    10 lbs:

    Weight you’ve lost because of the stress of open enrollment

    10 lbs:

    Weight you’ve gained back since that delicious bakery opened up down the street


    How done you are with being compared to Toby from The Office


    Average number of BambooHR-themed tattoos BambooHR customers get after using our software for at least one year

    BambooHR tattoos by the numbers

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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