Human Services HQ is now BambooHR

We’ve made a pretty big change to our business.  We love working on our product.  We love providing service to our customers.  But we’ve never really loved our name.

Human Services HQ was picked early on for different reasons, but it never really fit.  It’s too long, can be hard to spell, and doesn’t really have any personality.  We didn’t want to spend time thinking about the name, but we realized something had to be done.

After many days, much thought, and some great concepts we’ve settled on BambooHR.

Why Bamboo?

· We (and our clients) grow rapidly.

· We are versatile (and can be used in many ways).

· We are highly efficient, providing exceptional results with limited input.

· We are flexible.

· We scale to any size.

We are also personable, fun, dedicated, consistent, and supportive.  These adjectives mirror the qualities of our clients and you would expect them in a real world HR professional. It reflects the people and organizations we work with and care about.

So there you go!  We’re the same fun company offering the same great service.  We’re just more recognizable and easier to spell!




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