Humanity Is the Heart of Business Health

January 25, 2021

2020 forced SMB leaders and HR pros to take a hard look at what actually drives business success. Customer experience has been a gold standard, but we think that’s changing and the pandemic is accelerating that change. In this presentation from HR Virtual Summit 2020, BambooHR CEO Brad Rencher explores what it means to build business success with employee experience as the foundation. He brings together a wealth of examples, insights, and analysis to highlight the importance of employee experience moving forward. 

More specifically, Brad discusses:

  • What does employee experience mean and how does it contribute to business success?
  • What does prioritizing employee experience look like? How do you shift your perspective?
  • How should you measure employee experience?
  • Where do you start to build the foundation of a rewarding employee experience?
We asked 300 HR decision makers for their perspective on employee experience.
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Marie-Reine Pugh

I’m a copywriter at BambooHR with six years of writing experience. I focus on making HR easier for professionals and anyone wanting to make a difference in the workplace.