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Introducing: Responsive Job Pages for Mobile

Nowadays almost anywhere you go you find people’s eyes glued to their smartphones, like moths drawn to the light. So, what is everyone doing on his or her phone? The answer is everything—and this includes looking for a job.

70 percent of smartphone owners have used their mobile phone to search for jobs, while 51 percent have followed through and actually applied for that job using just their mobile device. And these numbers are almost guaranteed to rise as more and more young people enter the workforce.  

Since first impressions matter so much, it’s imperative that your applicant process looks great. Otherwise, it reflects poorly on your company (whether consciously or subconsciously). And when you consider that studies show first impressions often last under a minute, it’s imperative to get them right—right away—whether they come via PC or phone or tablet. So, why aren’t more careers pages built using responsive design? (For those unaware, responsive design causes a website to automatically adjust the size of screen to fit whatever device is being used to view the site.)

According to CareerBuilder, only 20 percent of Fortune 500 company career sites are optimized for mobile devices, while 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies don’t even accept applications sent via a mobile device. Combined with the fact that more and more job seekers may be turned off by companies that haven’t embraced mobile optimized careers pages, optimizing your job postings for mobile will give you a significant competitive advantage in recruiting and boost your employer brand. Speaking of which …

We’re happy to let you know BambooHR’s career pages are optimized for mobile devices. This will greatly improve the application process, creating a clean and easy experience for those looking for and applying for jobs on their mobile devices. You’ll get more qualified candidates, and they’ll think highly of you from the very beginning.

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