Making it a little easier

Sometimes the best improvements are super simple.  Based on a suggestion from one of our great customers, we’ve added three tabs to the Employees page: Active, Inactive, and All.

The default tab is the Active tab. This shows all active employees.  The next tab is Inactive, which shows all inactive employees.  The All tab will show both active and inactive employees.

The way this page use to work was to show only the Active employees.  So now you have some options if you need them.

The other small change we made was to allow you to select which columns appear on the Employees page.  It currently defaults to Last Name, First Name, Job title, Employment status, and hire date.  But let’s say that you’d prefer to see Location instead of Job title.  Simply click on the “Configure this page” button and drag-and-drop the fields you do and don’t want to see.  Click “Save” and you’re done.

Just a couple of tweaks to make things a little easier. We’ve got some more great stuff in the works…coming soon!




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