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    Bamboo Love: Introducing March’s Happiest Customers

    HR software

    Just as we love seeing new buds blooming on trees in March, we love hearing about our happiest customers—those who love our software or service so much they shout it out!  And we share it so that everyone here at BambooHR knows about it.  We believe this encourages them to keep up the great work! Here are our favorite customer quotes for March:

    · “I downloaded the BambooHR [mobile] app on my phone. It’s so cool you can find the directory and log in/approve time off right there!”

    · “BambooHR has been such a blessing to our organization! Its simplicity has allowed our team to feel comfortable during the dreaded system ‘change.’ The time off feature has allowed employees to manage their own time, which has taken a ton of extra work off my desk!”

    · “I am happy to tell you BambooHR is working really well for us. It has been easy to use both from an administrative and employees point of view. I think the ease of use of the system is its best feature; it does not over complicate things.”

    · “This is what I call Great Support.”

    · “I LOVE BambooHR, not just for their products, but for their people. They have a great team, and it shows.”

    · “My experience with BambooHR has been BRILLIANT so far.”

    · “Super great idea to send an actual video; your support team, as always, is excellent.”

    · “That was so easy and super quick. Much appreciated and thank you for the lovely new table.”

    · “Everything seems to be going really smooth. We’re really excited about it. We showed our board some of what we were able to do, and they were really excited about it as well.”

    · “All my employees love bambooing! Great program.”

    · “I also referred your company to my IT firm and they, thus far, have been impressed.”

    · “I’m just going to add a great big ‘wow’ factor for you today. Now THIS is an example of superlative, top of the line, professional and highly-polished customer service. Fast, dependable, fluent in your craft, all the pillars achieved.”

    · “Oh that’s sweet. You guy’s rock man I’m just telling you. I love this software, man. It’s like every week I find something new to do with it. You have rocked! I appreciate your help, and you did fantastic.”

    · “Several emails have been sent in the last few weeks from smaller firms requesting recommendations for HRIS software. I have replied to each, highly recommending BambooHR. I’m very impressed with the product and very satisfied with the implementation process.”

    · “Thank you for the email. Now’s my chance to say the support team is awesome! So quick to respond and help with any needed fixes.”

    · “YOU ROCK!!!! What an incredible experience and what a remarkable team!”

    · “I’ve been showing people and telling them, ‘Look at all this stuff we can do! This is so amazing. We never have to make a new org chart in Photoshop…it’s all organized.’ We feel like we are making a huge step forward!”

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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