Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | April 2020

It feels like everyone could use a tasty treat right now to remind us of simple pleasures, and that’s why we’re excited to announce five new partners joining the BambooHR Marketplace this month. Whether you need a payroll integration that works all around the globe or a way to show your employees how much you care, these new partners have something for you. And if you need something you don’t see here, just visit our Marketplace to see dozens more verified applications that share data with BambooHR. Just like an appetizer of loaded potato skins, our integrated apps take your workday to amazing (possibly delicious?) new heights.


Category: Engagement

Peakon is the world’s leading platform for measuring and improving employee engagement, delivering real, tangible results to hundreds of household-name organizations through the power of data analytics. Peakon combines employee surveys, real-time insights, bespoke manager training, and collaborative action planning to help you go from simply measuring engagement to creating real change.


Category: Background Checks

If you’re not hiring at speed, you’re missing the best talent. Checkr takes a critical step of the hiring process—background checks—and accelerates it through the power of machine learning. The result? Not just faster hiring, but also the confidence that comes from knowing you’re staying compliant, inclusive, and ahead of the competition. As the only background check service to utilize AI in evaluating potential hires, Checkr is on the cutting edge—right where you want to be.


Category: ATS

April’s Honorable Mention goes to a veteran partner, BreezyHR, who just moved from our basic tier up to the Pro level. BreezyHR is a hiring, onboarding, and applicant tracking integration that helps you speed up your hiring process with automated job postings, mobile applications, custom pipelines, and more. Welcome to the big leagues, BreezyHR!


Category: Global Payroll

Has your workforce gone from local to global? CloudPay is here to help you pay your people securely and accurately in 130+ countries around the world. CloudPay standardizes and automates the payroll process for multinational organizations, with real-time updates that minimize double entry and improve data security. Customizable by country and customer, CloudPay’s dashboard allows you to view and analyze payroll data to improve performance over time, while you save time and money by integrating your payroll processes.


Category: Recognition & Rewards, Performance Management

Have you heard the buzz? Kazoo has the keys to elevate your employees’ experience and unlock the engagement and bottom-line value that come along with it. By uniting recognition and performance management, Kazoo makes it easy for companies to reward employees, gather feedback, and deliver data-driven insights on elements of your business that used to be measured by gut feeling. With integration modules for Recognition & Rewards and Performance Management, plus an all-in-one option that includes both, Kazoo plays very nicely with your current BambooHR package. So much so that we use it ourselves to show appreciation for BambooHR employees!


Category: Learning & Training

If knowledge is power, Travitor is the outlet you need to plug into. Travitor provides organizations with a versatile, multi-faceted training platform they can use at every stage of the employee life cycle—from onboarding to manager training, individual career development to team learning, and even ongoing compliance courses that happen at the company level. Travitor can make it easier to get new employees up to speed, help you broaden existing teams to become cross-functional, and keep you on top of all your training initiatives with built-in analytics.

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