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    Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from May 2016

    It’s been another great month at BambooHR, and we’re excited to share our favorite quotes from happy customers during May:

    “Since implementing BambooHR 3 years ago, I have been consistently impressed with the platform and the support I receive. Visually the platform is excellent, and it’s always easy to view and get the information I need. The regular updates and additional reports (etc.) are excellent and helpful. Anytime I have a question, the response time and support provided is always excellent. We have never regretted implementing BambooHR, and it is one of our most successful and valued tools that we use in our business.”

    “I’m loving this. It’s not a pain in the butt and kicks the **** out of our old system.”

    “Bamboo so far has been great for me! I also love the new interface. I came back from vacation and Bamboo was looking all fancy, it was great to see. I find that more and more people in my company are embracing the awesome features you guys have to offer us and it really does have something useful for everyone.

    “I’ve not experienced a better HRIS in the many I’ve seen/rolled out.”

    “I have also found your customer service people to be AH-MAZING. I pester them a lot, but they always reply so nicely and in a timely fashion.”

    “I love how simple the tool is to use. We haven’t had to do any formal training, and our employees understand how to do the employee self-service portions, including PTO request[s]. I also like how to reasonably priced it is. The best part, however, is the customer service. I like that I can send in a request via the Bamboo tool and typically within less than 24 hours I have a response and often a fix.”

    “We sent our first ‘no thank you’ letter via the ATS this morning. We are so psyched about the efficiencies that we’ll gain by implementing BambooHR!!

    “I absolutely LOVE how simple and user-friendly this system is. It is so enjoyable to me to see this program to come together. I am launching it country by country, and I’m getting really excited!”

    “BTW, this is such a great product, and I’m sure you’re very proud to support it. We have been using the Job Postings functionality and really love it. We just bumped into the feature when you set the status to ‘Hired’ that it immediately prompts you to Add the Employee. Such a simple concept but so brilliant to be open to that workflow!”

    “Simple to implement, easy to use for administrators and employees, and cost efficient.”

    “The software saves us so much time, and it has so many functionalities! I love that I can contact support, and they build custom tables for us. Our team loves using Bamboo, and the dashboard is super user-friendly. Every person I’ve talked to is very polite and kind. We love BambooHR!”

    “Support staff is excellent, and the product constantly improves seamlessly.”

    We are so grateful for our customers and love the opportunity we have to make them so happy. If you want to see why our customers are so thrilled, take our HR software for a spin. (We hope to be quoting you in no time!)

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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