Meet ATS—BambooHR’s Applicant Tracking System

Your company is growing. Everyone’s happy because that means the work you all do is getting results! But the workload is getting heavier and heavier on each employee. You need to find new talent to help out—quickly!

You finally found a comfortable place to house all your employee data with BambooHR. But with so many job openings, you’re swamped again. How are you supposed to make good hiring decisions when you’ve got resumes bombarding your inbox? Shouldn’t there be a solution for your potential employee’s information similar to the solution you discovered for your current employee data?

Well, lucky for you (and anyone else out there who is suffering beneath an avalanche of resumes) BambooHR has recently released an applicant tracking system (ATS) that gives a similar customizable experience for tracking applicants. Our ATS allows you to store all your applicant information easily in a cloud-based, central database. And it’s affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) that allows you to pay as you go.

Here’s How ATS Works When you’re ready to post a job listing, you simply create the job description and describe the type of employee you’re looking for. ATS gives you lots of customizable options so you can include details like adding preferable level of experience or what the pay range is. You can also request the applicant supply information like LinkedIn URL, Twitter username, date available or level of education. In addition, there is an “Add a Custom Question” option so you can glean specific information in the screening phase.

After your job listing is ready, you just save and it will post to your careers page. You can easily share the job listing on social networks, as well as publish on free job boards like Indeed and SimplyHired.

You will receive email alerts as new applications arrive. In addition, BambooHR’s system automatically sends an email letting the applicant know you received the application. This eliminates phone calls from applicants checking to see if their application did indeed make it to you.

The resume tracking system stores applicant’s resumes in a central location so it’s easy to review applicant resumes by job opening. When you click on each applicant, you can see a preview of the resume and their included profiles and portfolios. If you see something you like, you can add a note to share with others involved. You can rate each applicant up to three stars. You can also show which level of the hiring process you’re at, such as telephone screen, scheduled interview or checking references. If it doesn’t work out, you can specify why you didn’t hire an applicant if they took a job elsewhere or were under- or overqualified.

Since you’re already using BambooHR’s software, you’ll be able to use our ATS with little to no training or ramp-up time. In fact, after you’ve hired your new employee, the information will automatically transfer over to BambooHR so you don’t need to manually enter information that’s already on ATS.

Help your company’s growing pains be a little less painful for everyone. Free up your time so you can focus on evaluating the applicant and skills instead of the process required to find them with BambooHR’s automated ATS.

If you’d like to take ATS for a test-drive first, it’s easy with our free trial. And be sure to watch our video about the features you can find on ATS.