Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | Aug 2017

Who had the best August 2017? Maybe the moon. Completely eclipsing the sun is a pretty big accomplishment. Perhaps every parent who sent their children back to school. Or maybe even the Night King—my Game-of-Thrones-fan coworker tells me he had a good month.

While we’re thrilled for the free parents, smug moons, and victorious fictional kings out there, we think we can quite confidently claim that we had the best August because we gained two new, incredible integration partners:

GoodHire is our very first integrated background-check partner. Using the integration, you can identify which candidates need a background check from within BambooHR. Background check orders are pre-filled with the candidate’s legal name and address and automatically queued for processing on the GoodHire platform.

Once the check is ordered, GoodHire’s system securely gathers all remaining personal information and legal consents required. You can easily track the status and view results from within BambooHR. Candidates will be notified via email when the results are ready, and if any “alerts” are found, the candidate will be invited to provide context and explain.

We also love that GoodHire is an accredited B-Corporation, 10% owned by a charity, and committed to values-led business.

You can see all the details about our GoodHire integration on the BambooHR Apps Marketplace.

Lattice is a new performance management integration partner. Their tools are perfect for organizations looking to structure one-on-one meetings between employees.

With Lattice, it’s also easy to launch 360-performance-review cycles, gather real-time feedback, and keep track of goals, objectives, and key results. Using the integration, you can sync employee information like name, reporting structures, department, and more.

To learn more about our Lattice integration, visit the BambooHR Apps Marketplace.

If you’d like to have the best September ever, consider pairing our award-winning HRIS with these best-in-class HR apps. We’re confident that, together, we’ll be able to improve your HR processes and set you free to do great work. Check back to learn about new integrations and partners we add each month. You can find all our partnerships and integrations at