Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | July 2020

What’s better than a cold Popsicle on a hot day? Probably nothing! But coming in at a close second is new partners in the BambooHR® Marketplace. Our newest applications share data with BambooHR to simplify tasks like managing compensation, time off, and background checks. Plus, we’re happy to announce a few apps that have moved up to the Elite and Pro partner tiers.


Category: Compensation Software

PayScale recently launched in the BambooHR Marketplace as a Pro tier partner. This app helps you get a complete view of your workforce, so you can create a well-informed, competitive compensation strategy for your company. You’ll have access to PayScale’s skill-specific, crowd- and company-sourced data that is updated quarterly, a summary of your employee information, and ready-to-go reports.

EnvisionBX – Xero

Category: Payroll

EnvisionBX – Xero is a new integration exclusively for Australian BambooHR customers. With this app, you can create a direct link between BambooHR and Xero Payroll, making your employee onboarding process a breeze. When you upload an employee in BambooHR their info is automatically uploaded in Xero, and leave information is automatically shared between the two as well.

(Don’t worry, non-Aussie BambooHR users-–there are more payroll apps available in the marketplace.)

PTO Ninja

Category: Time Tracking & Scheduling

PTO Ninja is designed to handle all of your time off needs right in Slack with the accuracy and skill of, well, a ninja. Employees and managers can coordinate time off in Slack with the option to display a list of who’s out of the office in Slack channels or groups. It also prompts employees to assign roles and tasks to coworkers before scheduled time off, so nothing slips through the cracks.

TazWorks Software

Category: Background Checks

TazWorks is advanced background screening software for agencies and employers. Some of its top features include flexible configurations for complex organizational structures, the largest network of integrated data vendors in the industry, and a clean and simple interface.

New Elite and Pro Tier Partners

In addition to our amazing new apps in the marketplace, we want to highlight a few partners who moved to the Elite and Pro tiers last quarter.

Elite Tier

We are excited to announce that Lattice moved up to the Elite tier. We think you’ll love this performance management solution. Elite integrations are our most used marketplace apps. They have the most satisfied customers and a track record of helping BambooHR customers achieve their potential.

Pro Tier

Pro integrations are apps with proven high customer satisfaction that are growing in popularity. The following apps moved up to the Pro tier last quarter:

Backgrounds Online

Criteria Corp








If you didn’t find the app you’re looking for, take some time to browse our marketplace, where you’ll find many more integrations that will make your BambooHR experience even better.

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