More New Features for your Money

It’s been a little while since our last update, but we’ve worked hard to add some great new features.  We’re super excited to share them with you:

Expanded benefits section
Based on the feedback from our customers, we’ve added more benefit information. You can now set up benefits with multiple plans and coverage options. You can also track company and employee contributions to benefits.  We’ve also updated the employee Benefits tab to reflect these new options.

By default, a new employee is marked as “Not eligible” for all benefits. To change the status, simply click on the ‘Not eligible’ status link and then ‘Mark as eligible’. You will be able to select the eligibility date for each benefit. When the employee is ready to enroll or waive coverage, simply click on the status link again and choose the appropriate action.

Below the Benefits overview, we keep track of a Benefit history so you can see all the actions that were taken for each employee.

We’re know there are more ways to improve this feature, so we are excited to get your feedback on it.

You are “welcome” to change your password
We’ve made it easier for users to update their password.  Simply click on the name next to “Welcome”.  You’ll bounce over to a page where you can change your password.  For security purposes we have you enter your current password as well as your new password.

Don’t forget to use a combination of numbers and upper- and lowercase letters for a more secure password.

Quick menu
Need an easy way to jump to a specific employee tab? No problem. Whenever you hover over an employee name with your cursor, a little arrow appears. If you click on that arrow, you’ll see a quick menu of the available tabs. Click the one you want and off you go. Ruby slippers not required.

More to come
There’s a lot more to come.  We’ve got some very exciting things planned in the next little while.  And keep sending feedback!  We appreciate comments, praise, suggestions…it just makes us better.





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