Nice touch: Thoughtfulness in the workplace

Last week, one of our customers asked if we could track the favorite candy bar of each employee.  I thought it was a little odd, but sure, we’re able to track that.

One day later, another customer asked if we could track favorite color, favorite restaurant, and favorite book/author/magazine.  Another unique request, but we’re certainly able to track those too.

After thinking about it over the weekend, my perception of these custom field requests changed.  First, I am glad we’ve built the system to be flexible enough to meet our customers’ unique needs.  But more importantly, I am thrilled we get to work with customers that care enough to track an employee’s favorite anything! I’m sure these companies aren’t perfect, but the effort to remember the things an employee likes can help personalize the job experience, helping the employee to feel like a part of team.

I’m assuming, of course, that these companies don’t just track this information, but they use it to find ways to reward and recognize employees or to just say thank you.

Thoughtfulness goes a long way in any relationship, but it seems to be missing from some employer-employee relationships.  Gratefully, there are employers out there making an effort.





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