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    November 2015 Customer Quotes

    We’re so grateful for our awesome customers, and it’s always nice to know that they appreciate us too! Here are some of our favorite things customers said about BambooHR in November:

    “Every new person I talk to @bamboohr I fall in love with. Just such great people in every department.”

    “I cannot thank you enough. That is a horrible job uploading all the info. I am so grateful that you and by extension Bamboo services does all this.”

    “In 15 years in HR this was the easiest implementation I have ever done.”

    “I knew I would use Bamboo a lot, but my staff is using it more than I thought they would. That is especially true of my part-time staff. We made a great choice. I meant every word of the recommendation and I could have gone on. If there is ever anything I can do to help you out, please don’t hesitate. You’re the best!”

    “The support we get from Bamboo is amazing. Like no other company I’ve dealt with. You’re fantastic!”

    “Absolutely amazing virtual conference!! Thank you @bamboohr

    “I say we do it again! Such valuable info!! And fun people. Making new connections and learning. Awesome!!”

    “Wonderful opportunity and excellent presenters! Would love to see this be a regular thing!!”

    “And just to let you know that the Kenya team have used the performance management module…They Love it! And the report is great for management decisions. Can’t wait to get it operational in Uganda and Tanzania as well.”

    “Bamboo has already been a lifesaver. Our primary email server went down yesterday and we needed to send an email letting everyone know. We logged into Bamboo and were able to send an announcement to everyone without any trouble.”

    “Every company has different needs, but Bamboo doesn’t need much customization. You guys really hit the nail on the head with getting exactly the right information we need to track.”

    “Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Bamboo and everything about it?! I’m happy with absolutely all of it.”

    “Can I just tell you how awesome your software is? It’s really great!”

    “We so appreciate the service we get from Bamboo! Thanks again for your help.”

    “It’s great knowing that anything we need help with through Bamboo can be accomplished and that you all take such great pride in your customer service!”

    “OMG! This is perfect. I am going to cry. You have no idea how happy I am! If only you could see the big smile on my face. I love BambooHR! This is fantastic! I’m on cloud 9! I think my CEO is going to cry today when he sees how great this is. This is brilliant!”

    “Thank you for your help. Not normal these days but you truly cared about my issue.”

    “We like knowing that whatever we may need done, Bamboo can find some way to accomplish it.”

    “Loved it. Love BambooHR. Love the excellent service.”

    We were also excited about topping some lists for our excellent product and culture:

    PC Mag’s Best HR Software
    Entrepreneur Top Company Culture
    2015 Salt Lake Tribune Top Workplaces
    2015 Deseret News Top Utah Companies to Work For


    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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