The Pitfalls of Overworking your Employees [INFOGRAPHIC]

I recently read an article that claimed Americans are getting lazier because their weight is up and work productivity is down. I’d like to play devil’s advocate. Perhaps it isn’t laziness that’s causing these problems, but the opposite: overworking!

Overworking has long been a chronic condition with symptoms that mirror laziness’s: obesity, depression, less productivity. Even heart-disease.

Many Americans are putting in more hours. Yet, productivity is not increasing as it seems it should. Some companies think their employees simply care less. But that just might not be the case. So what gives?

Check out this infographic (click here for more detail) to see a different angle to what might be happening with your employees:

People are falling apart trying to give more and more hours to their companies. Their lives are falling apart as well. It seems natural that the accompanying stress might affect their work. But what can you do? You may think letting your employees off the hook after 40 hours each week will hurt your company. I think you may be surprised with the results. And chances are, you’ll have a more committed and focused team if you encourage them to take care of themselves and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.