RightSignature-BambooHR Integration | No More Paperwork- BambooHR Blog

A new hire decides to accept a position with energy and enthusiasm, and yet the first significant interaction with your company is completing a mountain of onboarding paperwork. Before they can do anything else, the employee has to review, fill out, and sign an Employment Agreement, Handbook Acknowledgement, W-4, Direct Deposit Authorization, and whatever other forms your company requires. Some of these documents are likely to be filled out incorrectly, and the paper copies are at risk of being lost or mishandled in the future — both of which create liability for you.

At least, that’s the way it used to be. Now that BambooHR has integrated their human resources software with RightSignature’s esignature software, your paperwork becomes effortless, efficient, and fully compliant. Your new hires can fill out and sign your employment documents completely online — in any web browser or even on a mobile device or iPad.

Once you link your RightSignature and BambooHR accounts (contact customer service to have the tool enabled in your account), you can start sending documents to your employees instantly … without hassling with printers, fax machines, or even finding a pen. Simply set up your most-used documents in RightSignature as Reusable Templates, then navigate to your employee’s page in BambooHR and choose a Template to send. Or, you can select a Template in BambooHR and choose signers from amongst your employees. It’s that simple.

When you send a document to one of your employees, they will receive a link to open it and can sign your document in any web browser or mobile device, adding a legally binding electronic signature directly to the online document. Once they’re done, the document is returned to you instantly and automatically. Inside BambooHR, you can check a particular employee record to see the status of signature requests, and you can quickly ensure that all your staff has signed a specific document (say, your NDA).

RightSignature is defining the field of digital signature software with an elegant, well-designed web application for solving the inefficiencies of a paper workflow. For more information about the new integration between RightSignature and BambooHR, check out this video.