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What’s New in BambooHR: Project Tracking

July 29, 2020

Here’s some exciting news: BambooHR® Time Tracking now includes built-in Project Tracking! Any administrator who’s handled time tracking for an hourly workforce knows what an onerous task it can be to deal with paper time cards and time sheets, not to mention the eye-blearing monotony of sifting through that information and entering it into a spreadsheet. They also understand (and adore) the relief that comes from switching to a fully digital time-tracking application like BambooHR Time Tracking. But tracking hours isn’t always so simple.

The Problem: Resource Allocation

If your firm has multiple contracts, clients, projects, or locations that require individual resource allocation for billing or reporting purposes, even a digital, mobile-friendly time tracking app isn’t a guaranteed silver bullet. You might never see another time card (which is great), but you’re still on the hook to chase down and report on how your teams and individual employees allocated the hours they were on the clock.

This takes you right back to spreadsheets, emails, or even paper forms, with the inevitable paper chase and hasty end-of-week guesswork that come with them. And unless you want managers watching over employees’ shoulders with a stopwatch, keeping track of where hours are going falls on you—making you every employee’s nemesis.

In short, it’s another massive wrinkle in the time-tracking issue, and it’s why we’ve been working on a critical update to BambooHR Time Tracking that launches this month: Project Tracking.

The Solution: Project Tracking

With Project Tracking now included in Time Tracking, administrators and authorized users can create multiple projects and tasks in the Time Tracking system. Employees are asked to select a project (or a task within a project) every time they clock in or out, making it easy for managers and administrators to track what their team has been working on. When you create a new project or task, you can also choose whether that work is billable or not, which allows you to sort and separate billable and non-billable hours in your reports.

Paper Time Cards? It’s Time to Fold ‘Em.
Get Time Tracking for BambooHR.

Speaking of reporting, it’s built in, just like you’d expect from your BambooHR experience. Whether you’re using it for a presentation or to help with invoicing, the Project Tracking report makes it easy with multi-format export options.

If you’d rather see how all of this works instead of taking our word for it, here’s a short demo video we made to walk you through the entire Project Tracking feature in our Time Tracking add-on.

Rob de Luca
Copy Director | BambooHR

Rob de Luca is the copy director for BambooHR. Since 2016, he has written extensively on culture and best practices in the HR industry. He believes culture is the key to organizational success and that every HR professional has the potential to become a culture champion and strategic business partner.