Robots Taking Your Job? Not If You’re an HR Manager.


Oh, the irony. According to a McKinsey report on job automation potential, the role of HR manager is among the least automatable in business, at just 14%. That means only 14% of what an HR manager does could be performed entirely by a computer, and that’s great news for your job security. It’s also something we’ve believed for a long time.

Why, then, is it ironic? Because on the face of it, we spend a ton of time developing and talking about automation in HR—it’s one of our main selling points—but this report seems to be saying we’d be better off making software for aircraft cargo transportation solutions (one of the jobs they consider 100% automatable). So much for world domination.

But you probably know software isn’t your enemy. If you know BambooHR, you know we’re not trying to design tools that will take your place at work. So what exactly are we automating, and why? We can glean some more insight from the report—for instance, its view that almost half of HR assistants’ jobs are seen as automatable. That’s likely because assistants in almost every industry tend to be saddled with more organizational and repetitive tasks so managers and directors have more time for high-level thinking and problem-solving.

Our main goal with BambooHR is to free HR professionals to be more strategic in their organizations.  If that means we can streamline 14% of your managerial to-do list, free up your schedule by becoming your virtual assistant, or free up your assistant(s) to become more strategic themselves, that’s everything to us. Automating the organizational, repetitive tasks gives you and your team the bandwidth to take on more fulfilling and important tasks, making life better for both you and for your organization.