Your Security Measures: Do They Measure Up?

As Technologies Evolve, Make Sure Your Security Measures Do, Too

If you handle the human resources function for a small or medium-sized business, it’s likely that you’ll soon be included in conversations about employees who want to use their personal communication devices at work. Many organizations don’t have big budgets to supply workers with the most up-to-date computers or tablets or other devices. Sound familiar? Employees’ personal computers, smartphones or other equipment may be faster and have more bells and whistles that the equipment you can provide. Perhaps it’s just that workers would rather have fewer devices to keep up with.

Whatever the case, you’ll want to know about recent research by Robert Half Technology. The organization looked into what is being called BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, use in US workplaces. Researchers conducted 1,400 interviews with chief information officers in a variety of organizations and they report that only about a third of the organizations surveyed let their employees use their personal computers, phones or tablets to access company networks.

This is an interesting case of the ongoing issues that arise when organizational policies and capabilities don’t keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology. As you might imagine, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before most organizations’ leaders would be comfortable with their workers accessing company networks from their own smartphones or laptops.

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Robert Half Technology senior executive director John Reed summarized some of those concerns, explaining that “Companies are balancing the desire to provide flexibility to employees with potential security risks, as well as logistical issues such as providing support for non-standard devices.” He thinks that we can expect to see more BYOD requests, especially if our organizations let employees telecommute or work remotely. Reed says that some employers already are actively working to develop security solutions that will enable employees to “stay connected while using their device of choice for both work and personal communication.”

Because BambooHR has been at the forefront of online technological innovation and online capabilities since we opened our doors more than four years ago, we know that security can be a big concern – not just for employers, but for all of us who use electronic devices (and who doesn’t?).

We understand that concerns about the security of employee data may figure into the decision to implement our cloud-based HR system. That’s why it’s important that you know about the steps we take to ensure the safety of your workforce information.

BambooHR’s servers are kept in a state-of-the-art data center that is staffed around the clock. Access is strictly controlled using key cards and a process called biometric authentication. Sounds impressive, you say, but what the heck is that? It’s a means of verifying a person’s identity through specific physical characteristics.

If you’re a fan of spy films, you’ve seen biometric authentication in action when the hero had to undergo an eye scan to enter a secure room or when a character used voice recognition to unlock a safe full of priceless diamonds. In the real world, one of the most common means of biometric authentication is fingerprint recognition. In fact, you may already be seeing laptops and other products that feature built-in fingerprint readers.

At BambooHR, security doesn’t stop with server access. We have multiple processes in place to keep your HR data safe. From the earliest stages of its design, our online human resources software was built to be secure and to avoid the vulnerabilities that can plague other software. When you hit the button to send your data from your desktop to BambooHR’s servers, the information is automatically encrypted using the most advanced methods. Like you, we don’t want anyone’s social security or bank account numbers falling into unauthorized hands.

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Constant scans for vulnerabilities, a firewall, automatic backups, and ongoing monitoring designed to detect any attempted intrusions add even more layers of protection for companies that choose BambooHR. You can see that we take security very seriously. That’s just one of the reasons our online human resources software is the preferred choice for professionals like you who believe in their commitment to serve others with integrity and dedication.

Whether you’re automating your HR function, considering new policies and procedures that enable employees to BYOD, or buying a new tablet or smartphone for your personal use, be vigilant. As an HR practitioner, you may be in a pivotal role to remind company leaders that incorporating the latest technologies is an important competitive strategy for your organization, but implementing the latest security measures is just as vital.

Technologies can greatly enhance workplace efficiency and they can help us stay connected at work and at home. Enjoy them! Just remember to protect your company, your employees, your information, and yourself!

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