12 HR Halloween Costumes You Will Love

Pudgy Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, but there’s still time to put together a clever,  HR-related costume to wear to work. We’ve rounded up 12 Halloween costumes that are not only HR appropriate, but perfect for any HR pro: 1. Firefighter. You probably put out fires pretty regularly anyway. A firefighter seems like a natural […]

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3 Ways We Encourage Genuine Peer Feedback

Encouraging Genuine Peer Feedback

When you want a food recommendation, you ask your server. Why? Because they work with the food every single day. They see which meals people rave about, and they know which items people send back.  Likewise, who knows an employee’s performance (good and bad) better than the people working with him or her every day? […]

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Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from June 2016

Somehow June has come to a close. Time flies when you’re having fun, and we are having fun. It was another outstanding month for the pandas here at Bamboo, and we love the warm weather. Speaking of love, here are some of our favorite customer quotes from June: “We are extremely happy with your system […]

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4 Characteristics Great Business Leaders Embrace

Characteristics Great Business Leaders Embrace

Whether you call it company culture, work environment, or organizational atmosphere, it doesn’t just magically appear. It all starts as a reflection of the attitudes and characteristics of executives, managers, and really anyone in a leadership position. Their characteristics–good and bad–trickle down and are adopted by employees. And a company culture is born. So, if […]

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How (and why) we avoid committee hiring decisions.

Why We Avoice Committee Hiring

Getting a large group of people to agree on anything can be a task. Even if it’s just dinner, there are often strong opinions about what will be best. And when the stakes are high, like selecting a person to hire, opinions become much stronger—which can result in drawn-out interviewing processes and lukewarm hires. This […]

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Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from May 2016

It’s been another great month at BambooHR, and we’re excited to share our favorite quotes from happy customers during May: “Since implementing BambooHR 3 years ago, I have been consistently impressed with the platform and the support I receive. Visually the platform is excellent, and it’s always easy to view and get the information I […]

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Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from April 2016

april flowers

April was an outstanding month and, just like the flowers outside, we’re loving this spring weather! Speaking of love, here are a handful of our favorite customer quotes from April: “BambooHR is awesome! You feel like you are going from the Flintstones (current archaic system) to the Jetsons.” “I love Bamboo’s time off feature. My […]

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Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from March 2016

It’s been another great month, and we’re excited that it’s finally spring! We’re also excited to share some of our favorite customer quotes from March: “Bamboo has been great for our company, easy to implement and use! I’ve definitely sent my fair share of questions to your support team, and they’ve been very helpful and […]

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5 Things HR Needs To Consider During An Election Year

Election Year

Every four years the United States of America temporarily abandons the “United” part of its name and immerses itself into a war of words, ideas, and candidates. And 2016 is an election year that has already brought the worst out of many. The scent of the presidential election manages to permeate every aspect of American […]

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Small Business Starter Kit

smiling man and woman at desk

Looking to start HR from scratch? (Or drastically improve your existing HR practices?) Look no further! We’ve teamed up with industry experts like 99designs and Unbounce to create a Small Business Starter Kit. Included below are chapters to help HR get started. Use HR to create company culture: “If your startup is a game of […]

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You Want to be a BambooHR Marketer (Here’s Why)

If you’re going to give up 40 hours of your time each week, don’t you want to be spending them on something inspiring? Something fulfilling? And in an environment you enjoy and feel valued? BambooHR thinks so. Because of that, our marketing department (which happens to have some open marketing jobs) is full of opportunities […]

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