BambooHR News 2 min
BambooHR has acquired many technology partners. Some of these partnerships include a pre-built API integration, while others use our import/export tools.
BambooHR News 3 min
We're excited to announce a completely rethought and redesigned BambooHR iOS app for iPhone and iPad! Our primary goal is to focus on the experience.
HR Insights 4 min
48 percent of buyers are still using manual processes for their HR software needs. We all want to be more efficient and effective in our jobs.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
When organizations have greater payroll transparency, the results are often surprising: suspicions of unfairness are put to rest, employees are motivated by raise prospects.
BambooHR News 1 min
An HR system is more than just features. You need software that is intuitive and is so beautiful and easy that people can't help but adopt it.
BambooHR News 2 min
With BambooHR's ACA Tracking feature, you'll track all of the information needed for reporting to the IRS in 2016 and we'll also “catch up" your tracking.
BambooHR News 2 min
IBI Group thrives on deploying its international engineering and architecture talent in a timely way. BambooHR helps IBI run accurate skills and capacity reports.
BambooHR News 1 min
A responsive, friendly customer support team and an HRIS system that makes it easy for Vino Farms to retrieve information as to enter it.

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