Our Favorite Team Building Activities

Working with people you like is fun, but close work relationships also increase employee satisfaction by 50 percent. Beyond that, great coworker relationships are vital to positive, thriving cultures. One way we build those relationships is through team building activities.

Our friends at SnackNation put together a list of 37 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities that are great for building culture, having fun, and bringing teams together. Here are our favorites from their six categories:

Friendly Competition: Type Fight

Creative agency Smith Brothers boiled team building down to its simplest form and still developed an activity unique to their organization’s work. They call it Type Fight. Semi-monthly, two coworkers duel in a simple competition: writing the same letter. Their coworkers then vote on who wrote it best. It’s brilliantly simple, quite a bit of fun, involves everyone and proves that any organization can afford to team build. They just have to get creative.  

Values and Culture: Culture Jam Sessions

Company culture isn’t static. New people, internal challenges, and outside forces ensure that every organization experiences change. To monitor and guide these changes, WorkStride uses annual Culture Jams where employees get together and discuss the current culture as well as what they would like to change about the culture. This helps employees feel invested in their culture and helps WorkStride get the feedback they need to create a great place to work.

Get Outdoors: Team Hike

Getting into the great outdoors for a team hike, like Bonusly did in the Colorado Rockies during a company offsite, can facilitate active team bonding while also being refreshing and affordable. If you don’t have great hikes close to you, a team walk will do. After all, walking meetings have quite a few benefits.

Outside Your Comfort Zone: Karaoke Madness

Once again, Smith Brothers makes our list of favorites with their Karaoke Madness tradition. Starting a new job can be a little awkward, but Smith Brothers doesn’t allow employees to run from it; they encourage newbies to embrace it and thrive on it with a little karaoke. Once per year, all new hires participate in a karaoke session. Employees cast votes and the winners get prizes.

Get Creative: Friday Brainstorms

Instead of trying to trap the creative muse in a box, Zephyr invites it to enjoy a twelve-pack of Pacifico with their marketing team during a casual brainstorm session every Friday. We love this casual approach to conceptualization because winning solutions and unique ideas rarely come while brain-racking at a desk. Instead, Zephyr invites everyone to get comfortable and share openly.

Social Fun: Lunch Games

Full disclosure: this is one of our favorite team building activities in our own office. During lunch time, coworkers from all different departments gather for board games in the board rooms. It’s a great way to get to know coworkers on our rapidly growing teams, have a little friendly competition, and above all else, have some fun.  


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