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It’s been a great year for all of us at BambooHR, and we’re already champing at the bit for 2016. But before we officially unwrap our new calendar (“HR Compliant House Kittens”), we thought we’d highlight some of our best blogs of 2015.

In no particular order, below are our Top 10 blog posts from this year. If we missed one of your favorites, feel free to remind us of it in the comments section. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy a walk down memory lane:

33 (Free) Online Classes for HR Development. “Yes, it’s clear that we need to be better prepared for the daunting changes on the workplace horizon, but not everyone in HR has the time or resources to travel all over to conferences or classes in the name of strategic development. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of FREE online classes to give you the HR development you crave and the skills you need …” READ MORE

What Does “Strategic HR” Really Mean? (And are you doing it?). “We’ve heard a lot about “strategic HR” over the past several years. We all want to make a real difference in the direction our companies are headed, but many of us are overwhelmed by the concept of what it really takes to be strategic. …” READ MORE

5 Unconventional Ways To Be Strategic in HR. By definition, strategic HR is managing HR in a way that supports the company’s long-term business goals and outcomes. This means going beyond the administrative duties HR has been known for and focusing on the overall business strategy. But did you know that everything an HR professional does can be strategic? Even those so-called administrative duties? …” READ MORE

Performance Reviews: Who Do They Really Help? [INFOGRAPHIC]. “Performance reviews can be traced back as far as fourth-century China and have been used routinely in the US since the Industrial Revolution, but they’ve always been a tool to help companies know which employees were performing well and which weren’t. Yet, no one ever claimed that performance reviews were meant to help employees. And that’s where performance reviews are failing us today. …” READ MORE

5 Effective Onboarding Must-Dos. If you cover these onboarding principles, your employees will know they made the right decision in choosing your company. And if onboarding continues on past the first week or month, you’ll find greater ROI on your new hires and they’ll find more value in you. …” READ MORE

10 Tips for Creating a Hiring Forecast. “It can get a little overwhelming when half of your departments need more people—and they needed them yesterday. If HR departments don’t adapt past that point, they’ll always be a step behind the company’s needs. Compare that with strategic HR departments that plan to have new people in place and ramped up just in time for the increased demand. How do they do it? With a hiring forecast. …” READ MORE

10 Tips for Great Video Interviews [VIDEO]. “They may not be telling you this, but some of our applicants admitted they feel uncomfortable and awkward doing this type of recorded job interview. To help ease applicants’ minds and answer some common questions about the process, we’re offering 10 tips …” READ MORE

13 Ways To Stay Positive at Work. “As an HR professional, you’re always in a good mood, spreading positivity wherever you go. Wait—what’s that? You’re not always in a good mood? Sometimes you just wanna squeeze a stress ball until it explodes? Well, don’t worry too much …” READ MORE

The Bamboo Experience: What HR Really Needs [VIDEO]. Work is a big part of your life, so it’s important that it’s more than just a job. Work should be an outlet for passionate people to do really cool stuff. But you can’t do that if you’re being held back by a lack of organization or inefficient processes. …” READ MORE

9 Specific Questions To Discover Job-Candidate Red Flags. “Some people seem to think that all bosses are bad, and those people tend to reveal as much to anybody who asks. If somebody badmouths their current or previous boss in an interview, it might be safe to assume they’d dislike their supervisors at your company as well if you give them the job. So maybe don’t. …” READ MORE


And here’s an 11th post for fun …

6 Employee Types for Your Zombie Apocalypse Team. “What happens if the apocalypse happens while you’re at work? Will your employees quickly devolve into an every-man-for-himself environment, or will you have a strong team that can work together to survive and see that each team member is safe? Here are six types of people …”



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