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A huge chunk of BambooHR philosophy revolves around playing nice. We think that playing nice gets you more friends, and more friends means more fun (and better business)! That’s why we publish our API right on our website and encourage customers and other software vendors to use it. In fact, we love it when other software vendors take our API and do amazing things. We had one such case just a few weeks ago.

CATS, a full-featured applicant tracking system, called up and asked about integration, so we pointed them to our API documentation. A few days later we followed up and they were already done! Within a week they announced the BambooHR integration, and actual dev time building it was less than a day.

Why do we love this so much? It all comes down to the customer. We want every small business to have the tools they need, and to be able to use those tools in the way they need.

You can learn more about the CATS/BambooHR integration by joining us for a webinar on December 4, at 1pm central.