What Makes Great Customer Support?

How do you offer great support? This question is debated every day in many of the Linkedin groups I belong to and for good reason. It seems sometimes that “Customer Service” departments exist solely because they’re a check on a list of to-dos.

A product I purchased recently was defective, and when I called the customer service line, it was difficult to understand what was said to me by the representative, and the answer to my inquiry was basically, too bad, I know it doesn’t work, there’s nothing I can do, and have a nice day.

180 degrees from that end of the spectrum is BambooHR, where we focus on the customer experience.

We want you to experience the joy of having a friend at the other end of the phone line who knows and actually cares about you.

We want you to feel the relief that comes when your boss asks for a report and we help you create and generate it in less than five minutes.

We want you to feel weightless when all of the pressure of keeping track of mounds and mounds of paperwork is shifted off of your shoulders and transferred right into the computer where you can access it with the click of your mouse.

It’s about the experience. That is truly what makes BambooHR’s Customer Service great. So, how do you offer a great customer experience?

It starts with the people. At BambooHR, we hire people who are proactive in not only meeting the needs of our customers, but also anticipating needs that the customer may not even be aware of yet. We are friendly, open, and our biggest goal is to help and support you as an HR professional so you can focus more on the people rather than the data.

We listen. Every request our customers make is logged for future development consideration no matter how small. We then use the feedback from our customers as a major driving force in development of the BambooHR product. And, when things are developed, we notify each and every person who suggested that update personally. You matter to us, and your opinions and ideas matter to us as well.

In short, we want you to be happy and to have the best experience with BambooHR, and that is great customer support.