What’s New in BambooHR: Candidate Keyword Search

Your growing cache of past candidates is only useful to your recruiting efforts if it’s organized. That’s why we’ve expanded the keyword search functionality of our ATS to help you:

How Candidate Keyword Search Works

Have you ever had the name of a certain candidate on the tip of your tongue, but it’s just out of reach? Maybe you only remember that they mentioned rock climbing as one of their interests in their resume. The new candidate keyword search means you can recall candidates by specific keywords—like “rock climbing”—as they appear in all of your past candidates’ resumes, cover letters, and even their answers to custom application questions.

Previously, candidates were only searchable by name, location, phone number, and email address, but with this update, your recruiters and hiring managers can now find candidates based on wider search criteria.

When you select the Candidates tab in the ATS, you’ll now see “Keywords” added to the prompts in the search field. As you start to type, a dropdown will offer predicted terms based on existing information in your candidate pool, such as job titles.

Pressing Tab or Enter will add the keyword to your search. You can search for multiple terms at once and indicate if you want your search results to include candidates linked to any of the keywords you’ve selected or all of them.

Reading Your Search Results

The candidates who match your search will appear in a list below the search field along with a total of your results. In the example below, the keyword “recruiter” returned a total of nine candidates, but keep in mind that the number of search results will also be determined by how you additionally filter your search by the candidates’ status and by job openings.

Just below the candidate’s name, you’ll see where the keyword is found within the candidate record, whether in their resume, cover letter, or answers to custom application questions. If the term you searched is in any information displayed in the candidate summaries, such as their name, job title, or status, it will be highlighted in yellow (see below).

You can navigate freely through your filtered set of results—the ATS will maintain your search criteria until you navigate back to the candidate list to adjust it.

When you use the BambooHR® ATS—currently available to Advantage customers—talent acquisition becomes a walk in the park. Here’s how our latest update enhances your recruiting efforts even more:

Forging connections takes time, so we’ve made it even easier to tap past candidates for new positions. No more starting from square one every time you need to fill a role, and no more talent falling through the cracks!

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