Keeping up with emerging business technologies seems like a full-time job some days. It feels as if new capabilities are being developed and introduced to the market so quickly that it’s impossible to stay current with every innovation.

As an HR leader in a small or mid-sized business, your days are full already. But even if you don’t choose to monitor new technologies across the full spectrum of business functions, it is important to stay abreast of the latest tools that have the capability to change the landscape of HR.

I was reminded of this recently when reading an article by former SHRM president Sue Meisinger. She was writing about HR executives who work in larger organizations and whether or not they embraced social media, but her premise is equally applicable in the small-business setting and to all sorts of technologies.

Meisinger’s key question was this: “If HR executives aren’t learning about, thinking about and using newer technologies that are available and being used in their own profession, how likely is it that they’re playing a leadership role to ensure that others in the organization are taking the time to learn about, think about and use new technologies in their respective domains?”

Your title may not be “HR executive,” but Meisinger’s inquiry is just as relevant to those leading small HR departments. She understands that one of the most valuable contributions HR professionals make to their organizations is walking the walk. You know how often HR is called on to model desired behaviors – for employees and managers, alike.

There’s power in providing visibility for openness to innovation, new tools and technologies, and changes that enable work to be accomplished more efficiently and effectively. Learning about new technologies is part of staying up-to-date on the HR profession. And it’s important to demonstrate to employees throughout your organization that continuous learning is a hallmark of a high-performing professional.

Perhaps the most tangible benefit of ensuring that you stay informed about the latest HR technologies comes from your ability to recognize new tools that you can put to work in your own company. If you’ve already chosen BambooHR’s cloud-based HR information system as a technology solution for your SMB, you know how it’s improved and sped up your workflows. And if you’ve made it a point to stay on top of Bamboo’s latest products, you know that automated applicant tracking and other capabilities can be yours through easy-to-implement additions to your system.

Staying informed about the latest HR technology enhances your professional knowledge, enables you to model an innovative and learning-focused mindset, and provides the insights you need to drive continuous improvements in your department and its capabilities. It’s a win/win strategy for you and your SMB.