What do we do?

Create Enjoyable
Employee Experiences

Open enrollment forms, financial calculations, and new processes can make employees who otherwise love their job want to rage quit. Part of our job is to take complex processes and information and rethink them to create simple and (dare we say) enjoyable experiences.

Provide Strategic Support

Last year, our team had a goal to collect a tear of gratitude from each department. (We even handed out vials to gather them in.) Not because we like to make people cry, but because we strive to find ways to make each team's jobs easier and set them free to do great work.

Build Bamboo’s Teams

Bamboo’s success depends on having humble, hardworking people. That’s why we carefully scout for the best talent around. We also help carefully craft Bamboo’s award-winning culture, thoughtful benefits packages, and growth and training opportunities to attract and keep our talented employees.

Keep the Lights On

Budget specs and writing checks might not get you out of bed in the morning, but we know how vital they are to Bamboo’s day-to-day. To make sure Bamboo is financially secure for years to come, and employees get their checks on time every time, we carefully manage our finances.