What do we do?

Help New Customers

Implementing new software can be like drinking from a firehose. Our team is here to crank down the pressure and help new customers feel confident using all the features. We help them get all their employee data into the system, then teach them how to get the most out of it. That way, they can focus on other important HR tasks.

Problem Solve

When customers run into a snafu, or a bug sneaks into the software, we’re the first line of defense. We help customers navigate any confusion, flag bugs that need immediate attention, and gather suggestions to pass along to our product development team.

HR Consulting

When it comes to HR knowledge, we roll deep. And although some legal issues are outside our expertise, we are always happy to help HR customers optimize and be more strategic. Whether that means suggesting a slight process tweak or a new tool, we love helping our customers be the best they can be.

Maintain Positive Customer Relationships

We love our customers and want the feeling to be mutual. Because of that, we carefully consider customer needs, reach out to offer extra help, and check in to make sure everything is going well. Maintaining thousands of relationships isn’t easy, but our customers are worth it.