Setting our customers (and each other) up for success.

Helping thousands of HR pros get BambooHR up and running in their organizations is a big responsibility. To meet the challenge, we recruit people who love making a difference in others’ lives and then immerse them in a comprehensive training curriculum based on decades of collective experience. Even though half of our team telecommutes, we’re still highly engaged, have a lot of fun, and maintain close relationships with each other and our customers.

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What do we do?

Help new customers.

Onboarding new software can feel like drinking from a firehose. Our team is here to turn down the pressure and help new customers feel confident using all the features. We help them get all their employee data into the system, then teach them how to get the most out of it. That way, they can focus on other important HR tasks.

Know the product inside and out.

In order to guide our customers through the implementation process, we have to be true experts in the BambooHR product. So, each HR project manager spends their first month in extensive training to learn the ins and outs. Not only does this mean better service for the customer, but it means we’re set up for success in our jobs from the very beginning.

Lay the right foundations.

Our job is to get our customers off on the right foot with BambooHR in every way—not just with the software. Through every interaction, we’re laying the foundation for the rest of a customer’s relationship with BambooHR. That’s why we take the time to listen, learn, and provide real solutions to their problems.

Support each other.

Our work isn’t always easy, and every day brings new challenges. But when the going gets tough, our team gets going. Whether we work from home or in the office, whether we need help answering a customer question or advice for correcting an error, we know the whole team has our back.

Open Positions

Recruiter Megan Westover

Megan Westover

Talent Acquisition Partner

Recruiter Landon Pliler

Landon Pliler

Talent Acquisition Partner

The implementation team is one of the most dedicated, fun, and talented groups around. I love listening to them interact with each other and with clients because you can really see just how deeply they care about their success. Their desire to set people free to do great work is tangible. They honestly elevate everyone around them to be better, including me. I love every chance I have to work with this incredible group of people.