What do we do?

Spread the Bamboo Love

We know the good Bamboo can do for HR professionals so we look for every opportunity to spread the word to the world. From national television to social network feeds, we’re making sure HR professionals all over the world know our name and that we’re here to help.

Develop and Maintain Partnerships

We’re also kind of like Bamboo’s matchmakers. We find like-minded companies and professionals doing great things (be it software, consulting, or content) and team up with them to provide more value to the HR community and our customers.

Events Coordination

From planning the world’s largest online HR conference, to attending trade shows and speaking events all over North America, we know our way around a good party (if you’re into HR parties, that is). At these events, we spread the word about Bamboo, teach best HR practices, share a little swag, and enjoy running into happy customers.