What do we do?

Build Beautiful, Intuitive Software

Software that no one uses isn’t very effective. So we push beyond functional and strive for software that’s also nice to look at and easy to use. And that has lead to customer quotes like, “BambooHR is my best friend! I use it every minute of every day to do my job. High-five the people who thought of this, because I LOVE it!!” (actual quote)

Ensure Quality and Security

We’re more than a pretty (inter)face. Because HR data is highly sensitive, we take security very seriously. Not only that, but we understand that security is a continuous objective, not a trophy to be achieved and put on a shelf to be forgotten. In support of this, BambooHR strives to produce the highest-quality code, which we continuously test for any bugs and vulnerabilities.

Product Research and Positioning

Great product ideas come from everyone on the team, but, really, the product is driven by HR professionals. We consistently do user testing, customer surveys, and customer visits to find out exactly what they need. Then we use that feedback to help design new features and influence updates to the existing product.

Problem Solve

We love walking around in HR’s shoes, encountering obstacles and designing innovative, effective software tools to help overcome them. And when we encounter obstacles in creating that software, we take the time to think through high-quality (not band-aid) fixes.