What do we do?

Build Relationships

We aren’t HR software mercenaries, closing the deal at any cost. We take the time to get to know our customers, their HR pain points, and company goals. That way, we can be confident the tools we suggest will meet and exceed needs and that our customers be happy with their purchase for a really long time.

Gain Business Skills

While we’re growing the company’s client list, we’re also growing personally. We have a dedicated sales trainer to help us gain and polish B2B software sales skills and develop other valuable business talents, like Challenger methodology, that make us more well-rounded and help us lead from where we are.

Provide Strategic HR Insights

We’re one part salesperson and two parts HR consultant. So, in order to step up to the consulting plate, we dive deep into HR industry trends, disruptions, and discontents so we can better help our customers increase their organizational impact and become more strategic.

HR Outreach

We leave no rock unturned and no number undialed in our quest for HR professionals who need a better way to work. But we’re not just dialing numbers at random. Our contacts are all inbound leads which means we’re always talking to people who are interested in HR.