Attention Job Seekers:

Beware of Recruitment Fraud!

Recruitment fraud is on the rise

We want to remind you to be extra cautious when applying for jobs and providing your personal information. We take the privacy and security of our job applicants and employees very seriously. It is our top priority to ensure that all job seekers have a safe and legitimate experience with BambooHR.

While it may seem like it won’t happen to you, we urge you to be hyper-attentive to communication that seems suspicious in any way.

Here are some things to watch out for:

If you are suspicious of a recruitment fraud, we suggest that you do not engage or respond. Instead, contact BambooHR directly. We are doing our best to ensure our candidates have a safe and positive recruitment experience. If you have any questions or come across any type of recruitment scam please reach out to BambooHR’s Recruitment Security Team through email: [email protected]