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Menaka Chang
VP of People Ops - CB Insights
“At a company level, we’re doing really great work. Now, it’s dissecting it at a team level. The policies and things—yes, we have to do them, but beyond that, it’s a checkbox of those areas. We take care of them, they’re done, and we get to focus on this fun, strategic work.”
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Wistia’s mission is to make business more human. In order to provide a more human experience for its own people, Wistia uses BambooHR.
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As a CPA firm, MRZ LLP prides itself on doing things the right way and doing right by it’s clients. To do right by it’s own people, MRZ uses BambooHR.
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New Moms
As a nonprofit organization that supports young families that are experiencing poverty and homelessness, New Moms is uniquely qualified to say it cares about people. And BambooHR is uniquely qualified to help New Moms take care of its employees.
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Just like our namesake, our customer list just keeps growing. Want to be part of the family?
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We're committed to your success. Our intuitive software, friendly support team and affordable pricing make it easy to say "see ya later" to spreadsheets.

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