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Saving Time & Money with Performance Management
A BambooHR Case Study
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The Results
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Time Saving: Without an effective performance management system, managers had to devote several hours to filling out assessments for each employee. Now the assessments only take about 15 minutes per employee, saving ISTS nearly $40,000 annually.

Frequent Feedback: With more straightforward performance assessments in place, managers are able to hold performance reviews four times per year instead of cramming an entire year’s worth of information into a single meeting for each employee.

Greater Efficiency: Despite ISTS now holding performace reviews more frequently, the streamlined performance assessments have reduced managers’ overall time investment up to 50 percent.

Paperless HR: Since implementing BambooHR<sup>®</sup> Performance Managment, ISTS has been able to transition to a completely paperless HR department.

Focus on Development: By spending less time on paperwork and scheduling, Jennifer and her team have been able to focus on growth and development. This has helped boost retention and allow ISTS to put its best people on track for leadership positions.

Better Alignment: By measuring and tracking performace, Jennifer and her eam were able to identify points of employee disengagement and misalignment. With the data, they could make the changes necessary to get everyone on the same page.

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The Challenge

Having worked with BambooHR for over two years, Jennifer Fisher, the director of people and culture at International Scholarship and Tuition Services (ISTS), had  lready streamlined many of the HR tasks and processes in her organization. But she had yet to find the right solution for performance management. Despite trying a handful of different systems, managers and employees told her they still dreaded the time-consuming, confusing performance review process every six months. Not only did it take up loads of their time, but it also made tracking and analyzing performance data a huge struggle for Jennifer herself.

The Solution
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"Traditionally, people are used to the big, cumbersome performance takes so much time and it’s so difficult. But it’s not meant to be that way."
- Jennifer Fisher

She explained, “[Performance reviews] were pretty cumbersome, and people would dread them...It probably took the better portion of two weeks for some managers to go through the whole process.” She knew she had to find a more effective way to do performance management—one that would save time, encourage participation, and help everyone in her organization succeed.

To transform performance management for ISTS, Jennifer knew she needed a system that would make the evaluation process easier for employees, managers, and HR alike. That meant no more hour-long surveys or printed questionnaires. She also wanted a solution that would organize and track performance data, so she and her team could analyze past results and uncover key insights more easily. As a BambooHR customer, Jennifer decided to add BambooHR<sup>®</sup> Performance Management to her account, and her organization has never looked back.

Simplicity: “It just makes everything very clear and easy to use. I love that everything is online, and I love that it’s all in one place so people don’t have to log into more than one software.”

Automation: “It makes it so streamlined. With all of the reminders that are set up in the system, I am not having to chase down most of the company to get everything done.”

Reporting Power: “The ease of reporting is huge for me. The standard reports make it so easy to see where everybody is at a glance and to see where we are going. …The information I get from it has set me free to be able to answer questions without having to dig.”

Visibility: “It gives us better visibility into where everyone is. If everyone is going in the same direction, we are so much more productive. If everyone is meeting their goals, that means our company is most likely meeting its goals.”

Strategic Support: “It also helps that I’ve had great guidance form [BambooHR]… through webinars and [events]. Everybody there has been fantastic in helping me look at ways to make it better.”

"Traditionally, people are used to the big, cumbersome performance takes so much time and it’s so difficult. But it’s not meant to be that way."
- Jennifer Fisher
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